Rest Service Testing with SoapUI

Download and Install SoapUI from:

Step 1:

Go to File > New soapUI Porject (ctrl-N), enter name of the project, select the option to add the REST service and hit ok (refer screenshot 1).



Step 2:

A dialog to add a new REST service will appear on the screen. Enter Service Name, Service Endpoint and choose the option to extract resource and method from the specified Endpoint (refer screenshot 2).



Step 3:

Once you click ok, another dialog to add a new REST resource will appear on the screen. Enter the resource name as per your choice (refer screenshot 3).



Step 4:

Next step is to add the name of REST method and click ok(refer screenshot 4).



Step 5:

A dialog to submit the request will appear. Click submit button to submit the request to specified Endpoint URL and you will get the response (refer screenshot 5).


Simple SoapUI !

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